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About Our Products

Improved Piping Products, Inc. (IPP) is a leading manufacturer of HDPE fittings and backing rings.  It all started over 30 years ago and has grown into an international company distributing its products worldwide. Learn more about the history of our products

HDPE Fittings

In the last few decades, HDPE piping has become more widely accepted for its benefits over traditional piping materials. In response to this growing acceptance, IPP made a major investment in the latest extrusion-line technology, expanding its HDPE fittings production capabilities to include large diameter HDPE fittings in nominal sizes 16"-63". This machinery is currently the only of its kind worldwide. All parts are produced in San Antonio, Texas and made from a quad-certified (BI-MODAL) PE 4710 HDPE resin.

Whether we are producing wall anchors, MJ adapters, reducers, flange adapters or stub ends, IPP remains committed to providing uncompromising quality. See our full line of HDPE fittings.

Deltaflex® Pipe Flanges/Backup Rings

IPP’s patented convoluted backup ring technology is marketed under the registered trade name of IPP Deltaflex®. The unique design technology significantly reduces the weight of a flange without reducing its pressure performance. See our full line of IPP Deltaflex® products.

IPP Deltaflex® flanges are safe, functional structures with an attractive economic dimension. They conserve material and energy resources from manufacture to point of installation. The lower weight translates into several benefits:

  • Lower cost of raw material and energy
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Ease of handling and installation

The IPP Deltaflex®‘s unique cross section can save up to 40% of the weight over national pipe standard flanges. Some installation practices have thinned the standard flanges for economic reasons. In these instances using IPP Deltaflex® design principles can reduce the critically high stress levels to a stated safety factor. This performance is achieved by using IPP Deltaflex® engineering to increase the section modulus of the flange without increasing its weight.

IPP has installed millions of its patented convoluted flanges in the entire spectrum of code-controlled commercial and industrial pipe systems. To our knowledge, there has never been a reported failure of an IPP Deltaflex® flange in operation in sizes to 63” or ANSI pressure categories through Class 400 (34”size). The design technology has consistently been the specification choice of world-renowned piping engineers.

The IPP Deltaflex® flange truly satisfies the claim of being a modern high performance pipe flange. Pound for pound no other pipe flange exists that can safely carry structural loads as efficiently as an IPP Deltaflex® flange.

Learn more about the performance of Deltaflex®Flanges/Backup Rings:

Learn more about why you should choose IPP.

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