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IPP Fittings are LEED-Friendly

November 28, 2011

IPP HDPE Fittings are the green-friendly choice over PVC.

Working on a Green Building Project? Don't forget the fittings. In comparisons by the Build It Green© Organization, HDPE pipe fittings were shown to be the better fitting choice against PVC.

— HDPE manufacture is a chlorine-free and dioxin-free process. PVC manufacture contains chlorine and produces dioxin.

— HDPE has higher resistance to chemicals than PVC, making HDPE a safer pipe fitting choice for potentially-hazardous materials.

— PVC fittings must be glued in place with toxic materials. HDPE fitting sections are simply (and cleanly) melted together.

— Using HDPE helps contribute to the Materials & Resources 4.1 and 4.2 (Recycled Content) Credits in the US Green Building Council's LEED Certification Program.

IPP has posted information on these findings in our Downloads section.

HDPE vs. PVC: Why HDPE is the Better Choice for Green Building Projects - Build It Green

LEED Certification for Performance Pipe - Submittal Letter 2010

And as always, IPP stands by our HDPE pipe fittings!

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