Why Choose Improved Piping Products

Beginning with the IPP Deltaflex® convoluted flange design, Improved Piping Products, Inc. (IPP) has been designing, manufacturing and distributing superior, quality-tested HDPE fittings and backing rings for over 40 years. IPP is the most trusted name in the industry, having helped thousands of customers worldwide reduce costs and increase theperformance and safety of their flanging systems.

Largest Selection of High-Quality Pipe Fittings in the Industry

IPP was the first U.S.-based company to provide a convoluted flange design, marketed as IPP Deltaflex®, and now carries straight-line pipe fittings of all sizes. IPP’s selection of fittings includes sizes from ½” to 63” and difficult-to-find parts, such as the corrosion-resistant PPDI (Polypropylene Encapsulated) backup ring.

All of IPP’s HDPE fittings are made from a quad-certified (BI-MODAL) PE 4710 HDPE resin. This ensures that IPP products are the most reliable and durable on the market and that they meet National and International Pipe Flange Standards. Learn more about IPP’s products.

Quality Assurance Testing on All Products

IPP’s 45,000 square foot HDPE production facility houses a sophisticated in-house lab where analysts perform a variety of quality tests on all IPP products, including:

  •  Long-term hydrostatic testing,
  • Burst testing,
  • Melt index testing,
  • Carbon black content testing and
  • Ultrasonic testing.

While many companies do the absolute bare minimum to maintain compliance, IPP performs routine in-house testing to ensure all parts meet specifications and then sends out the results for certification periodically. Customers can request testing records from IPP’s files at any time.

For additional quality assurance, IPP’s production facility also follows careful procedures to ensure the traceability of all parts produced. This includes tracking when a product was
produced and by whom.

Fast Shipping with No Expedite Fees

IPP produces large diameter HDPE fittings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round (with the exception of preventative maintenance days). Therefore, IPP’s distribution facility is able to carry the largest selection of in-stock HDPE fittings in the industry and respond to most customer needs within 24 hours. This is unique in an industry where 4-6 week back-orders are common occurrences.

Even beyond the speed of delivery and order fulfillment, IPP is concerned with providing the best purchasing experience for its customers possible. Customers receive orderacknowledgements via email for each transaction and ship notifications when orders have been fulfilled.

Family-Owned and Time-Tested

IPP was founded in 1979 by Gunter and Susan Schlicht as a California corporation and is a privately held family business. With over 40 years in business, IPP is committed to providing the highest quality and most economical piping products for the thermoplastic industry. Read more about IPP’s history.

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